3 Floyds - Robert the Bruce

This one was a lot of fun because I got to pop my 3 Floyds cherry.  I’m sure Dark Lord would have like to have earned that title (as much as I would have loved giving it to him… wait, what?), but this bottle fell into my lap, thankfully. 

This “Scottish-Style Ale” poured a maple syrup color, with a strong aroma of toffee, caramel, vanilla, and a bit of alcohol.  I tasted a very good balance of caramel malt and hops, with the aromas slowly jumping out on the palate.  That gave way to molasses and ginger, finishing rather heavy and chewy.

I was surprised to see a bit of sediment at the bottom of both the bottle and the glass, but whatever.  A few extra vitamins never killed anyone, right?  I’ll just keep telling myself that…

It’s a good beer, but I don’t know if it’s the most proper introduction to 3 Floyds.  I’m now even more curious to check out their Gumballhead and Alpha King, as well as the seasonals and specialties that they’ll be sure to fire off eventually.  And if anyone has access to the collaboration with Mikkeller and Surly, you will be my new best friend.